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Paula Dare has openings for in-person and phone consultations
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Personal Consultations
60 minute (Full) session - $100.00

During this session Paula will interpret your Natal Chart & give you a yearly forecast of upcoming trends in your life. She will also combine a Tarot Card Reading with your Astrological chart. She will cover your questions & concerns regarding various areas of your life like career-love-karmic patterns. Included is a tape of the session, a copy of your natal chart, & a custom summary report about you that is approx. 10 pages. It includes an introduction, your inner & outer self-patterns & your challenges & abilities.

Healing You

Combo Session ...........................................$140

The Combo Session includes both astrological and Reiki services.

First, I will do an Astrological Consultation and address any health issues you may be having, then I will use a reiki session to help you heal your emotional and physical body.

Why Not treat yourself to a rewarding and relaxing healing session TODAY ?

For more information about Reiki Healing and Sessions ~click here~

30 minute (Half) session-$55.00

Paula will address your concerns & give you insightful solutions to matters that are troublesome to you. This is also a taped session with a copy of your natal chart.

Relationship Evaluation-$125.00

How compatible are you in your relationship? I will do a chart comparison between the 2 of you (synastry chart) & create a composite chart that represents the relationship itself. What are your strengths & weaknesses? Does it look like this is a lasting solid relationship? Can the relationship be healed? How much do you really understand the other person? Included are the tape & a custom written summary of your strengths & challenges together.


Are you moving? Do you wonder whether it’s the right move for you? Have you wondered why you’re drawn to certain places? The planetary energy differs for each of us according to our birth charts. I will look up 3 cities of your choice & will analyze how each location will influence you.

Electional or Event Planning-$60.00

As the saying goes “Timing is Everything.” When is a good time to start something new? Which day should the wedding be? When is a good time to launch my website? I will elect a chart that best suites the occasion.


Reports are an inexpensive & easy way to get some general information through astrology.
Find out more about the reports I offer from Matrix.

Mini Reading-$20.00-approx. 10 min.

This is for those times all you need is a few questions answered.

Importance of Birth Time

In order for you to get an accurate chart, I need your birth date, time & place. The best source to get the time is on your birth certificate. If you do not know this information, I can still give you a good reading by looking at your Solar chart-a chart drawn for your birthday. Plus I also use the Tarot Cards.

Contact Paula for an Appointment Today !
Email: or phone: 770-427-1159


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